Why Shopision Studio is the Best Alternative to Design Pickle?

Santhia Noel
Business Ideas
August 24, 2020

Online businesses come with a lot of time-consuming tasks, which makes outsourcing some services to professionals important. You might be using Design Pickle for your graphic design works and wondering if there are options that offer you more. 

In this article, you'll discover why Shopision Studio is the best alternative to Design Pickle. Stay with me as I run you through the following:

  • What is Shopision Studio? 
  • Why should consider an alternative to Design Pickle?
  • Why Shopision Studio is the best alternative to Design Pickle?

What is Shopision Studio? 

Shopision Studio is an on-demand web and graphic design service that offers unlimited design at a flat monthly rate. Shopision Studio gives you dedicated experts to handle all your works while you focus on growing your business. 

Why you should consider an alternative to Design Pickle 

Doing business online is always evolving, and at some point, you want to get more done faster, reduce business costs, or you're looking for platforms that can offer you more than one service for less. 

You should consider these four factors when choosing a service provider:

  1. Services offered: Can they help you get more done than what you're already getting? 
  2. Process: Does this option offer me a seamless request process? How long does it take? 
  3. Pricing: Are they cheaper options compared to what I already use? 
  4. Value: Is it possible to get more done for less? 

Why Shopision Studio Design is the best alternative to Design Pickle?

We'll discuss this in line with the four factors discussed earlier: services offered, process, pricing, and value. 

Services offered: Design Pickle offers unlimited graphic design services, including custom illustrations, flyers, brochures, infographics, print materials, social media graphics, and more for its basic plan. The Pro plan includes motion graphics, slide decks, web page layouts, and more. 

Shopision Studio offers you both unlimited graphic design and unlimited web-design services, plus unlimited content writing at the same monthly rate. With Shopision Studio, you get the same graphic design services as Design Pickle and more, including T-shirts, ebook covers, etc. You also get web-design services, including eCommerce web design, eCommerce development, custom app & integration, website optimization & troubleshooting, email marketing, eCommerce virtual assistants, etc.

Shopision Studio recently offers content writing at the same base price so that clients will get more for their money, web design, graphic design, and blog content writing.  

Process: With Design Pickle, requests are either by email or the Design Pickle platform. Design Pickle has Zapier integrations that make it easy to connect the Design Pickle platform with other programs such as Trello, Google Sheets, etc.

The Shopision Studio process is simple. You submit a request by filling out a brief form that helps your account manager understand what you're looking for, then your request is assigned to a pro designer, and you get the job done.

Both Shopision Studio and Design Pickle offer unlimited requests and unlimited revisions. 

Pricing: Design Pickle offers three pricing plans: $399/mo for standard, $995 for pro, and $499 for custom. Shopision Studio provides a flexible basic plan or a pay per project plan, where you pay only per completed project, it's not a subscription, and the project starts at $99 and has a Standard plan at $449 a Pro plan at $619 per month.

Value: Both platforms offer unlimited graphic design services, free fresh stock photos, and 1-2 business day turnaround time with Design Pickle offering same-day delivery for its pro plan.  Aside from unlimited graphic design services, Shopision Studio offers unlimited web-design services and a dedicated account manager. Design Pickle offers a 30-day guarantee compared to Shopision Studio's 7-day guarantee. 

Final Thoughts

With what you have discovered today, you'll agree that you get more value for your money using Shopision Studio to get not only unlimited graphic design works done but also get unlimited web-design works covered. You get 3 in 1 value at Shopision Studio like web design, graphic design, and blog content, compared to only graphic design offered by Design Pickle. Shopision Studio offers eCommerce web design and app installation, and Design Pickle doesn't. And lastly, Shopision Studio offers small tasks, and you can't get that on Design Pickle. 

Convicted, check Shopision Studio today, and get 10% extra off your first month when you use BETTER10 at checkout. 

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I am Santhia, a freelance web designer and entrepreneur, and I am CEO at Shopision Contenfy, an online content writing service. I am no code enthusiast, and I love traveling.

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