Shopision launches its marketplace to help small businesses quickly hire eCommerce freelancers.

Santhia Noel
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August 24, 2020

Quebec, Canada – Shopision is a brand-new online marketplace for freelancers and small businesses looking to buy and sell eCommerce freelance services. The online platform has announced opening its doors to eCommerce freelancers and experts from 44 countries.  The platform launched with a handful of trustworthy freelancers and a shortlist of businesses who have used the platform before its official launch. However, with the official launch, companies all types can now engage with freelancers listed on the website.

Freelance marketplaces or platforms as they are called have grown exponentially since the COVID-19 lockdown. Many people who have lost their jobs to the pandemic, especially in North America and Canada, are now offering their services on these platforms. However, new entrants like Shopision offer a couple of advantages over the competition, especially for freelancers. The first is that there isn't a lot of competition, and the second is that there is a higher chance of bagging a client on the platform than other highly competitive ones.  

Shopision allows small businesses, online stores, and retailers to buy and outsource just about every aspect of their online business need from online store design, to content creation and social media. All the while assured that the freelancers on the platform are vetted and professional.  

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"I think there is a dire need for a good and truly open freelancing and outsourcing platform that capitalizes on the most skilled individuals. Shopision is meant to be a fair and open platform that invites freelancers worldwide to join. We are also open to businesses of all types and sizes from across the world. Our goal is to have a platform that everyone trusts; that's why we've worked hard to build checks and balances." Said the spokesperson for Shopision. 

She added, "Shopision is still in its infancy. At the moment, there aren't a lot of freelancers or businesses for that matter using it. However, we've already started seeing people signup and send us queries. Now that we have launched, the platform is open to everyone. Signing up as a freelancer right now will give you a leg up over the competition to make it easier to build a reputation." 

Shopision is a brand new freelancing platform catering to businesses of all types and sizes, particularly the SMEs, online stores, and retailers. Although, for the time being, their platform uses Stripe only, and are only available on Stripe-supported country, the platform is seeing a surge in people who are signing up and already winning projects

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