Everything you need to know when you hire Shopify experts

Santhia Noel
Shopify Experts
August 24, 2020

Shopify was founded in 2004 by just three people who hated the low quality of online shopping. Today, it's one of the biggest eCommerce platforms globally, with one in five people coming to them for their online shopping.

More and more savvy entrepreneurs are finding ways to use Shopify to springboard their products into stardom. Simultaneously, businesses with incredible potential sometimes struggle to navigate the new and sophisticated business tools that Shopify offers.

Anyone can learn the ropes eventually, but you can get your business up and running that much faster if you hire Shopify experts. Read on to learn all about Shopify experts and how they can improve your business!

What Is a Shopify Expert?

Shopify experts are members of the Shopify community that have demonstrated mastery of the site's tools. They have also proved themselves to be trustworthy and motivated. Since they know all about Shopify's most powerful tools, they can help any business make the most of this worldwide market.

Why Do You Need to Hire Shopify Experts?

In business, time is money. Every hour or day you spend learning how to use Shopify is an hour that your company could have been bringing in rising sales. Shopify experts let you skip over the learning curve and take your business straight to the top right from the beginning.

And not only do they save time, but they can also help you design improved customer experiences. Nothing is more frustrating than requiring your customers to put extra effort into buying your product, significantly when the tool to smooth the journey is right there waiting for you to discover it.

What's the Cost to Hire Shopify Experts?

The cost of hiring a Shopify expert comes down to how much you want to benefit from their expertise and hard work. A basic Shopify experts cost just $25 per hour. They can be a great place to start if you haven't yet set up all the essential Shopify functions.

On the other hand, some Shopify experts genuinely live up to their name. They can singlehandedly develop a powerful web presence for your company and bring in many thousands of extra dollars in revenue each month forever after. The top Shopify experts can charge between two and ten thousand dollars. Alternatively, Shopision Studio charges one flat monthly rate for unlimited Shopify Experts help; you can find out more here.

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How Can You Find the Best Shopify Experts?

If you want to hire a Shopify SEO expert, the best way to start is to look at a business with an enviable web presence and ask who their expert is.

To hire expert Shopify help that will go the extra mile for you, make sure you look at their client reviews. Satisfied clients go the extra mile for the best experts and leave glowing reviews. Warning reviews can save you from making a bad hire.

Hire Shopify Experts Who Will Explode Your Business Growth

We hope that this short piece on why and how to hire Shopify experts has been useful for you.

To learn more about all the ways to improve your Shopify business and manage dropshipping, check out our other pages!

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